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In an increasing number of countries, economic development is affected by an ongoing conflict or is being carried out in a period of post conflict economic recovery. Effectively working with business development and finance in these environments requires a close understanding of how opportunities are developed in post conflict and fragile states, what kinds of additional factors have to be taken into consideration and how they affect key decisions taken with public and private sector stakeholders.

Design of Liberia Enterprise Development Fund (LEDF) for Financing SMEs

During January to February, 2007, Tamara Duggleby led a mission to Liberia to do an in depth market assessment of the needs for credit and equity capital among SMEs trying to rebuild after losing assets and markets as a result of the prolonged civil war. She assessed demand for various types of products among businesses in 10 sectors (agricultural and non agricultural, production and services), and worked with the functioning banks to determine availability of credit, terms, appetite for lending and risk management techniques used in lending to local businesses.

She assessed with another team member the BDS side, or demand and supply of quality business development services. Based upon the overall findings of the assessment, she prepared the detailed report used by OPIC in determining whether they would finance a fund, including design recommendations, credit products and projections for a facility that would extend credit to “middle market” businesses, as well as improve access to quality business consulting services. OPIC has committed to lending LEDF $20 million.

Post Conflict Economic Recovery Project in Cote D'Ivoire

During May through October, 2006, Duggleby and Associates, Inc. worked as part of the project design team for the World Bank supported Cote d'Ivoire Youth Reinsertion Program. The program is designed to expand the Ivoirian economy and generate short and medium term employment for many unemployed youth in value chains with potential for extension or expansion, following the end of the civil war. Working with various stakeholders in the private sector, Government and para statals, the firm did “deep dive” analysis of three agricultural based value chains. It then assisted design of a three part project that will address increased production and value added in several key agricultural value chains, and generate youth employment at three levels: as agricultural producers, as employees of value added SMES in target value chains and as owner/operators of small enterprises in sectors where the investment is going. The firm developed the financing component, including credit products and lending partnerships to finance economic activities at each level.

USAID Eritrea Rural Enterprise Investment Project (2002)

During 2002, Ms. Duggleby served as the Business Finance Specialist for the USAID/Eritrea Rural Enterprise Investment Project (REIP) Assessment, as basis for crafting of USAID's future strategy for supporting the development and financing of value added agriculture-related SMEs in this post conflict. market. She assisted the Mission in assessing the performance of the then running REIP, including a bank line of credit for SMEs and a Rural Enterprise Unit providing BDS to assist rural business recovery following the recent war with Ethiopia. Ms Duggleby assisted team assessment of the competitiveness of export potential private enterprises in six sectors. She analyzed REIP portfolio quality and bank capacity to lend, and made recommendations for future USAID support for credit facilities designed to serve domestic and export potential SMEs in the agricultural sector, on a more market driven basis.

Post Conflict Microenterprise Support Project for USAID Haiti

Duggleby and Associates, Inc. assisted USAID/Haiti in designing project document for the Mission's multi level microenterprise support project in this country, to be implemented upon the return of democratic government. Project components included management and marketing assistance for urban micro and small enterprises, credit and improved infrastructure.

Ethiopian Social Rehabilitation and Development Fund

As consultant to The World Bank, Ms. Duggleby developed the Operations Manual and Financing Agreement with local NGOs and Community Development Corporations (CDCs) for the micro enterprise finance component of this project. The project was designed to encourage the development of a system of self sustaining NGO run micro finance institutions capable of providing financial services to the urban poor as Ethiopia reconstructed its war torn economy. Poor women were a major target group of the Microfinance Fund.







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