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As micro enterprise credit institutions adopt “best practices” and operate as sustainable enterprises on commercial terms, managers of expanding institutions are confronted with different challenges related to growth. The learning process must adapt to these growth challenges using a “peer based” approach where managers bring to the process products, tools and techniques that they have developed and learn from those used by other institutions.

The small to medium scale enterprises (SME) market is becoming an increasing focus for commercial banks in developing countries and emerging markets. New challenges are presented in helping banks to “downscale” to serve working capital and investment needs of growing SMEs through product adaptation and ‘relationship banking’.

Micro and Rural Finance Institution Building Grant - The Ford Foundation (1999-2002)

In 1999, Duggleby and Associates, Inc. was awarded a three-year grant from the Ford Foundation to be used in providing “Credit Institution Management for Sustainability”© Training to the foundation's grant supported micro and rural finance institutions in West Africa, as well as follow on technical assistance and supervision in applying “best practice” tools and techniques. Under that grant, seven grantees received the basic training. Each of those is using the acquired skills and tools to project more realistic growth rates and offer more client responsive products, and four have reached operational sustainability. The firm completed work on this grant in 2002, by delivering “Advanced Credit Institution Management for Sustainability”© Training and assisting trained organizations to establish a “learning center” run by Nigeria's largest rural and micro finance NGOs.

Advanced Credit Institution Management for Sustainability Training (2000-2002)

Duggleby and Associates, Inc. developed and tested with micro and rural finance institutions receiving USAID, Ford Foundation and UNDP funding this advanced training course, designed to meet the needs of established institutions which are at expansion and replication stage. It covers nine (9) areas where such institutions are encountering common problems, with state-of-the-art guidelines and tools in these areas:

  • Doing a credible Capital Absorption Analysis for securing outside credit funding
  • Developing, marketing and managing client-responsive savings and credit products (3 sessions)
  • Strategic planning revisited - managing well under unforeseen circumstances
  • Achieving more profitable operations
  • Reducing credit risk through sounder credit analysis, using individual as well as group lending methodologies
  • Improving credit monitoring and supervision
  • Managing delinquencies and achieving higher recovery rates

The course addresses each tool or financial product as part of the overall "process" of micro or rural finance institution management and brings about skill transfer using a “learning center” approach. Throughout the process of training development and delivery, participants share their problems and case experiences with their peers, while learning from tools and approaches that are being used by institutions in their country and in other regions of the world to address common problems.

Training for U.S. PVO Network Partners

Duggleby and Associates, Inc. delivered "Credit Institution Management for Sustainability©" Training for Christian Children's Fund's entire network of MFI partners in Latin America and Africa. Seventeen Managers and credit operations staff from network affiliates received the training in Solola, Guatemala. Training has been used to successfully launch three network partner programs under the USAID Matching Grant Program.

Best Practice and Institution Building Initiative for Micro Credit - Ford Foundation

During 1997- 1998, Associate Tamara Duggleby assisted The Ford Foundation in carrying out a regional initiative designed to (a) document “best practices” of its successful micro and rural credit institution grantees in Nigeria in the areas of credit extension and scaling up, strategic planning and financial management and (b) assist the Foundation to develop more effective performance measures as part of partnership agreements. Ms. Duggleby carried out on-site assessments of four (4) mature Ford micro credit grantees and guided the Foundation in developing realistic benchmarks for assessing grantee performance.

Interactive Credit Training for Bankers and Entrepreneurs in Guinea

Duggleby and Associates, Inc. provided interactive small business credit training to local SME operators and banks in Guinea, West Africa, under the USAID Mission's HRDA Program. Based on results of an initial "mutual perceptions" exercise involving both parties, training was adapted and provided to entrepreneurs in the areas of business planning for a viable business project, marketing, restructuring a loan and communicating with a banker. Bankers received training in project and credit analysis for SME lending, improved communication and relationship building with small businesses.

Training for Sustainable Credit and Business Development Services for Women's Enterprises

Duggleby and Associates, Inc. was awarded and managed a contract from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to design a comprehensive training program for improving skills of NGOs and other host country institutions in Africa, Asia and Latin America, in developing, managing and evaluating sustainable credit and business support services for women-owned micro and small enterprises. The resulting training program has been given world wide and addresses the full range of technical skills required at project identification, formulation, implementation and transition to self- financing (financial sustainability). The twenty module course has been used in training of micro finance trainers as well as BDS project managers.







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