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Integrating Micro and SME Finance in Liberia

During January to February, 2007, Tamara Duggleby led a mission to Liberia to conduct the in depth market assessment of needs for credit and equity capital among SMEs trying to rebuild productive assets and markets after a prolonged and costly civil war. The team assessed demand for various types of financial products and business development services (BDS) among businesses in 10 sectors (agricultural and non agricultural, production and services). Ms. Duggleby then worked with the functioning banks to determine availability of credit, terms, appetite for lending and risk management capacity and potential lending partnerships.

Based upon findings of the assessment, Ms. Duggleby prepared the detailed report, including design recommendations, credit products and projections for a facility that would extend credit to “middle market” Liberian owned and operated businesses, and improve access to quality, affordable business consulting services. OPIC has since committed to lending $20 million to the Liberia Economic Development Fund.








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