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Training and Capacity Building

Duggleby & Associates, Inc. is perhaps best known for its design and delivery of several internationally recognized training courses for micro and small business finance institutions and their managers. These include "Credit Institution Management for Sustainability"©, a basic training course teaching key concepts and techniques in strategic planning, financial statement analysis, credit projection, growth management and delinquency management, and “Advanced Credit Institution Management for Sustainability"©.

The advanced course provides for managers of growing micro finance institutions advanced techniques for handling some of the most challenging steps at that stage, including: capital absorption analysis, client centered product development, managing well under unforeseen circumstances and increasing profitability within a diversified product mix. Courses have been given to U.S. PVOs and their program partners, as well as local micro finance institutions in developing countries.

The firm recently completed work under a three-year grant from the Ford Foundation, provided to support design and delivery of an ongoing program of training and technical assistance for its micro and rural finance institution grantees in West Africa. Training was developed and delivered by Duggleby and Associates using a “Learning Center” based approach, which enabled participants to learn new techniques, share their products and techniques and be recognized for their accomplishments. At each successive training workshop, participating MFIs served as co trainers, presenting products and tools developed since the last forum using skills previously taught (skills absorption)

As part of value chain development and financing, D&A assists local banks and non bank financial institutions to develop products adapted to the needs of small to medium scale business (SMES). The firm also designs and delivers training programs for bankers, assisting them to improve credit appraisal and risk management.




D&A team providing micro finance training in Nigeria.




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